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A Day Bed or Daybed? And Why It Matters

A Day Bed or Daybed? Let’s look and see what exactly a daybed is and why it’s called a “Daybed” and what the uses are for it. The daybed is one of the most versatile additions you can add anywhere in the house. These daybeds provide extra places for guests to sleep, can act as a sofa or bed, and are perfect for tight fits. Below, we will dive more into depth into why you must have this piece.


Swiss Army Daybed

I like to refer to a daybed as a Swiss Army Knife in a sense. You can really use it just about anywhere and for anything. Let’s look at some common uses.

The Everywhere Bed

My favorite quality of a daybed is how versatile they are. My very first experience with a daybed was on a cruise ship in the Bahamas. It was on the top deck in a circular fashion, just like the one above. I loved it and the fact that rain or shine, it still was in perfect condition. These are called terrace daybeds and they are my personal favorite.

Indoor use is the most common, however. People generally will place them in a spare room or their office. It can also be used as a sofa or chaise for guests and they come in handy for children as well because you can essentially fit two people; one on the bed and the other on the trundle. You will definitely want to add a trundle, which is an extra bed beneath the daybed, that rolls out for even more convenience, really increasing the utility of the bed, hence Swiss Army Bed.


Extra Space

Some daybeds come with storage under the bed. You can make these compartments into dressers, toy chests, trunks, whatever you like. This is especially helpful for smaller bedrooms because tight spaces are just awful. Most daybeds will be twin sized, and this can also serve to help save room, not to mention you could potentially use it as a couch.

Different Material Types

Daybeds come in wood, metal, or iron. They also can be upholstered in leather or in wicker form.

There are different situations in which each would be ideal, but most of the time, it comes down to preference. Wood daybeds are geared to look more like sofas and not so much as beds.

Metal daybeds are more traditional than wood and are more for sleeping. Also, qualities of material used in the process of making a daybed matter do have an impact. An iron daybed is superior to many other metal daybeds and the same could be said for the different types of wood used too.

Issues to be Aware of

Daybeds can be expensive because they act as a bed and a couch in most cases. Most of the time, you may have to assemble them by yourself, so be sure to consider the quality of material and inspect the finish to make sure everything is in pristine condition. 

To Close Our Swiss Army Daybed

Daybeds can be used as a staple piece in any home. They can act as a decorative item, a couch, a bed for additional guests, and even used as a beautiful outside bed. This piece of furniture is a must have in any modern home because of the sheer adaptable qualities it exerts. Just keep in mind what materials you want, as this will be one of the biggest factors in finding the perfect day bed...or daybed for you.

Check out our upcoming post on trundles if you need some help determining if they are great for you.

Also, please don't forget to comment below and let us know about your daybed experience, thank you!


  • I LOVE daybeds! They always make me feel like I’m at a fancy resort. I’ve only ever seen them outdoors, but it would be cool to have one inside too! I bet kids would love to sleep on one since it is different from a traditional bed and a fun, circular shape. Hopefully in the future when I have a backyard I can have my own haha. This was very informative though. I didn’t realize that some of them can have storage underneath- that’s awesome! Thanks for the post!

  • I love these! I want one for sleeping so does this mean the metal bed is more preferred for me? But I’m also tight on a budget so which type would you recommend? I’m looking for the best bang for your buck. Thanks in advance for all your help.

  • A daybed…looking at it now, that sounds amazing! Too bad my house is too narrow to take advantage of that. There is like, no space here. Maybe when I get my own house in the future, I’ll go get one for myself.

    Aljareaux Morrison
  • Nice post and beautiful pictures and images. Are these day beds circular? If so, how comfortable are they to sit on? I love the idea of adding one of these in my yard but I want to make sure they are comfortable.

    Thanks in advance !

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